IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless you are doing heavy customizations to the underlying code of your website's design, there is no need to touch these settings as they will already be optimized for use on your website.

This article will cover the image settings for the following:

  • Profile Photo for Website
  • Profile Photo for Social Media Sharing
  • Profile Logo for Website 
  • Profile Logo for Social Media Sharing

When viewing the Image Settings page, the settings covered here can be seen in this section:


We also have the following articles available that cover the other sections:

Profile Logo Settings

Here are some things to know regarding editing Profile Logo:

  • The ratio of the Profile Logo will always be "Open" so members are not forced to upload a logo that is a certain shape - it can be square, wider than it is tall, or taller than it is wide.

  • Since the ratio is always "Open", the "Width" and "Height" numbers serve as limits for the maximum width and height of the image.  For example, if both the Width and height are set to 200px, and a member uploads an image that is 2000px wide x 2000px tall, the final image will be resized to be 200px wide x 200px tall, maintaining the same aspect ratio of the original image, but downsizing it to be no more than the 200px x 200px limit.  This helps ensure that your website loads these images as quickly and efficiently as possible, thus reducing the overall time to load all of of your website's pages as much as possible.
  • There is a preview area that allows you to see the relative size of the image at the chosen dimensions:

  • If you attempt to set the "Profile Logo" width to be less than 162px, an error message will appear:

    This is done to make sure that large images are resized to dimensions that will look relatively uniform in the various areas of your website where profile logos are used.

  • If you attempt to set the "Profile Logo Social Media" dimensions to be less than the required 200px x 200px, an error message will appear:

Profile Photo Settings

The Profile Photo Settings work very similarly to the Profile Logo Settings, with the one difference being that the Aspect Ratio for Profile Photos is always 3:4.  This is done to ensure these images fit as well possible in the various areas of your website where profile photos are displayed:

Please note: changing the Aspect Ratio of this is possible, but not recommended.  Doing so would require customizing the design of your website significantly in order to accommodate a different aspect ratio for these images around your website and should only be requested by Advanced Users of the software that have significant experience in customizing the design of Brilliant Directories websites.  If you would like to request that a custom Aspect Ratio be used here, please submit a ticket.

How To Upload Logo Images As A Member

  1. Login as member and go to "Profile Photo" Tab

  2. Click on "Upload Logo":

  3. Select an image to upload

  4. Click on Upload Image. If the logo is not large enough the member will receive the following message, warning them that the current image is smaller than 200px x 200px and will have to be stretched in order to meet the minimum size requirements for sharing on social media websites, and the logo will appear on your website at a smaller size than other Profile Logos:

How To Upload Profile Photos As A Member

When uploading the profile photo, they will follow the same process as uploading a Profile Logo.  However, your members will be required to use the built-in cropping tool which will ensure that the final image uses the 3:4 Aspect Ratio specified in the Profile Photo Settings:

The crop box will turn red the moment that your member tries to crop the image in a size that will create an image that will be less than the 200px x 200px size required for social media sharing:

The following warning message will show should they wish to force the crop regardless:



It is now possible to revert, rotate, and so forth while cropping profile photo images using the tools below the image: