Brilliant Directories latest add on allows for members to reply directy to reviews that are left on their profiles. In can purchase this add on here:

IMPORTANT: You are required to install the latest Reviews Module in order for this add-on to work on your website. Click here to learn more about the latest member review module which gives website owners control over who needs to approve reviews before they are sent to members or published live on the website. 

How Reply To Member Reviews Works

When a website visitor leaves a member review, the review can either be automatically published, or sent to either the website owner or business listiing for approval. You can learn how to control these settings here:

How to edit the Member Review Settings

Regardless of the settings you have selected, your member will receive an email when published live on their profile giving them an oppportunity to read the review left for their services, and provide the chance to reply directly to the person that left the review. 

This is an excellent way to defend their point of view if it was a negative review, or to thank their customer for taking the time to leave them a shoutout. 

Please follow these instructions to reply to a review:

  1. The member must login to their member dashboard and click on "Notifications":

  2. The member must click on "Manager Recommendations".
  3. The member will be able to scroll through all of the reviews left on their listing, and reply to each one individually.

  4. Enter the reply in the "Write Public Reply To This Review" box and click on "Save Reply Now".
  5. You will be promted that your reply has been saved:

  6. The reply will instantly be visible on the front end of the website:


Member reviews can either be turned on for everyone, or tuned off for everyone. It is NOT possible to control this by membership level.