Member Badges can be applied to a specific Membership Level / Product. Use this functionality to promote or identify their specific tier by adding more value and recognition to your members level.

What is a Member Profile Page Badge?

This badge will show in their public profile, see image below:

What is a Member Search Results Badge?

This badge will show in search results, see image below:

How to add the Images

First you need to add the images/icons that you want to have displayed. 


Click on Upload Image +.

Drop the images you want to save in your site.

Click "Back to All Images".

Right-click on your mouse to open up a drop-down menu, click on "Copy Image URL".


Copy the link and save it. Do this for all of the badges you want to use.

These are my example links:

Now that we have the images and the links ready we can move to the next step.

How to add the Image Links to the Products / Membership Levels

FINANCE >> MANAGE PRODUCTS >> Find the membership level or product you wish to add the badge to.

In this example we are going to add a badge to the Premium Level.

Click on Edit.

Under the General tab, you'll find the Profile Page Badge & the Search Results Badge, paste the location URL of the images we just uploaded in the proper fields like shown below:

Finally, Save your changes.