In this article you are going to learn how the cancellations process work:

    Cancellations from Member's perception.

    Cancellations from Owner's perception.

This is the process the member follows to cancel his account.

1. When he/she is in the dashboard, in the left sidebar he'll find the options: 

Account >> Manage Account >> Close my account:

2. Then he/she will click on "Close my account":

3. A pop-up will shows up confirming that the account has been closed.

4. The member will receive the email below:

5. The member will appear as "Deleted" in the Member's Dashboard:

How cancellations work from Owner's perspective: 

The owner of the site will receive a copy of the email above (Step 4) in the Default Website Email that was setup under Settings >> General Settings: 

Also the message will appear in the admin under Emails >> Form Inquiries.

The notification will look like this: 


Please make sure that the open orders were cancelled correctly. This will avoid any future charge in the member's credit card, specially if he has recurring subscriptions. 

You can check this information under Actions >> Payment History: 

When the member status is "DELETED" the listing profile shouldn't appear in search results and the streaming content as videos, articles, photos, etc. will not appear either. 

We always recommend to leave the member as "DELETED" but do not remove it completely from the site, just in case the member wants to come back later or if you want to contact him in the future. You can also create a list of cancelled members in a spreadsheet and delete the member from the site.  

If you were ale to save the member and you want to move him/her as "Active" again please click on Actions >> Quick Edit: 

Then select the option "Active"  in the Account Status field: