In some cases, you might want to create a second pricing page, or even to use the Menu Manager to create a different type of Menu for a different page, a different purpose.

In order to do this please go to:

TOOLBOX >> MENU MANAGER > Actions > Clone

A confirmation Pop-up will appear, click on Yes, continue!

Now we have a New Cloned Menu, click on Edit

Click on Actions > Edit Menu:

An Edit Menu Pop-up will appear:

We are going to update the Nickname and the System Name.

Nickname: Readable title.

System Name: The variable name that the system will use to reference the Menu. Make sure to use lowercase and no spaces.

The Menu CSS Class: can stay the same, no changes necessary. 

Check out this example:

We finally have the Menu ready! Now you can work on editing the Pricing Levels or just repurposing the fields for the menu of your liking:

See how you can edit these: Pricing Page Design