The Difference Between Blog Article and Community/Member Article


The website comes with two Article post types:

  1. Blog Article
  2. Community/Member Article

They are almost the same post types but with a few differences, specifically for the Blog post type.

Blog Article

How to Add a Blog Post

The default Permalink URL is: /blog

This post type is intended to have curated articles only from the Site Administrator or Admin - Blog Contributor and not regular members from the directory.

This is because the Blog Articles have the:

  • "Featured on Homepage?" option - Featured Blog Article Slider

    This add-on is used by the website admin to decide and keep track of which Blog articles to feature on the homepage slider since the slider can display up to 5 posts and no more.

    If this setting is enabled for all members and profiles, there isn't an easy way to control which posts display.

  • Additional fields to add Custom SEO Data

    These fields are only available to the admin for two reasons:

    1. The first being that this way each post can contain SEO data that is post specific as opposed to post type specific. How To Edit The SEO Settings Of Dynamic (Search Results) Pages

    2. This prevents any harmful or false data from being entered that could hurt the SEO of the website. Resulting in lower ranking with search engines.

Community/Member Article

How to Post an Article

The default Permalink URL is: /articles

This post type is intended for members use only.

This post type does not have the Featured on Homepage or the additional SEO fields: