If you are looking to upload multiple or one PDF File to your site you can do the following:

Go to 

DEVELOPERS >> (FTP) File Manager

Click on + Folder:

Add a New Folder Name just for your PDF files to keep it organized.

For this example, we are going to name it our_pdfs. Click on Create New Folder:

Double Click on the Folder icon:

Now, click on Upload:

Select the file you want to use, once you selected the file or the files, click on Go Back:

Because the name of this file has spaces, we will need to remove those spaces for the link to work properly, right click on top of the name of the file, and click on Rename.

You can add some underscores instead, like this:

This is how is going to look:

This is how you can find the link to the PDF.

If you hit Enter on your Keyboard you are going to find the PDF:

Now you can use this URL path to paste it on any page.

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