Downgrades work really different compared to upgrades. 

When a member wants to downgrade their membership they can do it from their dashboard. In the left sidebar there is an option called Account >> Manage Account >> Downgrade Membership Level >> Contact Us: 


The link will take them to the Contact Us page, where they can fill the form:

As soon as the order is submitted, you as an owner will receive a notification in your email: 

The member will receive a notification in his/her email:

This notification will also appear in the "Form Inquiries" section. 

You can find this option in the admin under Emails >> Form Inquiries. 

To view the message please click on "View Inquiry":

You will be able to see the same information submitted in the form: 

As this is a manual process, after you receive the downgrade notification you need to change the Membership Level of that specific member. 

To do this please go to the members section of the admin and find the member, then click on Actions >> Quick Edit:   

Choose the new Membership Level and click on Save Changes: 

After this step is completed you need to cancel the current order (Old membership level) and create the new one (If the member wants to downgrade his account to a paid membership level). 

To learn how to cancel the current order or subscription please read this article: How Do I Cancel Payment Subscriptions - Orders

To learn how to create a new order or subscription please read this article: How To Manually Bill A Member / Create A Subscription For A Member

After you followed all these steps please notify the member that his account has been downgraded succesfully. 

Member's Content: 

Also please keep in mind that all the information added (Photos, Articles, Properties, Job Postings, etc) won't be hidden when you downgrade the membership level. 

For example: If the Premium Membership Level let the member add 15 articles and the new Membership Level he was downgraded only let him add 10. The system won't hide the 5 extra articles, however it won't let him add more.   

If you want to remove the content, you need to do it manually.