We at Brilliant Directories understand that everyone isn't necessarily a creative designer oriented person, some of us are just great sales and business men and woman.

Due to that reason we have created in collaboration with our community a series of ready made color templates for your website. 

We have many design settings on the software that allow you to set up a completely custom color arrangement for your site.

Essentially these color sets/templates are basically different combinations of those settings packaged up into one setting.

You can find all the different color set options in the admin panel under Settings >> Design Settings:

To apply one of these color sets to your site:

  1. Click on the template you like.
  2. Hit the save button on the top right corner of the admin panel.
  3. Refresh Cache in Admin Panel: Refreshing The Cache Of Your Website
  4. Refresh the Admin panel page: Hit Control+Shift+R on keyboard.)
  5. Visit Website by clicking top right corner button. 
  6. Refresh the cache in your browser. 

In the color sets page of the admin panel you'll be able to chose from all the different options we have available.

Its important to note, you can try more than one template, however, when you do please be sure to refresh the cache of both your admin panel and browser.