IMPORTANT: On this article we will go over how to modify the text of the main Title and Subtitle. 

To modify other text on the homepage go to: Settings >> Text Labels, for more information, please read the following article How To Edit The Text Labels Throughout Your Site.

Homepage Image

Click on Replace Image to add a new image on the Homepage.

Use this section to add the main image that will display above the fold on the homepage, to use the Homepage Slideshow, read the following article: Homepage Background Slideshow Settings 

Our recommended size for the image is 1800 px by 600 px.

When uploading a main image for the homepage, there are two options to choose from:

  • Display on Homepage
  • Hide on Homepage

There are to ways in which this image can be displayed:

  • Mobile-Ready View (recommended)
  • Standard View

Overlay Color

Select the Color of the base Overlay.

Overlay Visibility

Select how transparent or opaque the Overlay is applied to the Hero Image. This is incredibly helpful when using white fonts so the text will the legible on an image that has lots of colors, or dark fonts with opaque images, if this is the case, make it whiter. 

Homepage Alignment

Choose the position of the search module by selecting: Left, Right, Center.

EG. Right

Search Orientation 

Choose between Horizontal and Vertical.

EG. Horizontal.

Search Type 

Please read the following article: Search Type - How To Choose A Search Module - Homepage.

Top Padding / Bottom Padding

An element's padding is the space between its content and its border.

The padding-bottom property sets the bottom padding (space) of an element.

Increase or decrease the size for a bigger or smaller space in relation to the image and the Search Module Type.

0px to 400px 

For more information please read: (Bootstrap) Homepage Search Module - Editing The Padding

Require Login Form

Select Require Login Form to have content protected from visitors.

Hide on Mobile?

Hide or show this section on mobile devices.

-No, Display on Mobile

-Yes, Hide on Mobile

Text Settings

These are the settings to modify text on this section:

Main Title Text (H1) & Sub Title Text (H2)

Edit the Main Title Text and Sub Title Text.

Main Title Color & Sub Title Color

Change the color of the Title text.

Main Title Font Size & Sub Title Font Size

Modify the Font Size.

Main Title Font Weight & Sub Title Font Weight

Changes the Font Weight.

Light = 300

Normal = 400

Bold = 600

Extra Bold = 800

Main Title Width

Use to control the width of the text space.

Homepage Title Font

Choose any of these fonts

Search Module Colors

Search Text Color

Change the color of the text for each drop down title menu in the search module:

Search Button BG

This color will change the full background button color.

Search Button Color

Change the color of the Text Color of the button in this case "Search Now".

Search Background

Change the color of the background of the entire Search Module.

Search BG Visibility

Hide the background color of the Search Module or attenuate the color, 

Change between 0 (invisible) to 10 (Fully-visible).

See how invisible looks:

Clickable Map Color

This setting will apply only when using a Clickable Map.

Streaming Hover BG

Change the Background Color of the Streaming widgets using this setting.

Streaming Hover Text

Change the color of the text of the Streaming Widgets.

"View All" Button Style

Select the button that matches the color vision for the Streaming Widgets, for example on this page we are using the "Info Button" located in Settings >> Design Settings >> Default Button Link Colors 

"Read More" Button Style

Select the color of the "Read More" button for Streaming widgets.

Image Aspect Ratio

There are 3 aspect ratios options:

- 16:9 Rectangle

- 1:1 Square

- 4:3 Rectangle

See here how we selected "1:1 Square":

Image Format

There are 2 Image Format options:

- Cover Area (default)

- Fit Within Space

Select Fit Within Space and Images are not the same size these are not going to cover the space, we recommend using the "Cover Area" option to have all images look the same size in the space.

This is how it looks if these are not the same size:

Information Display

Select how the information is displayed on the Streaming Content.

- On Hover Default

- Always Show