The first option on the Actions button of the Member Search module allows you to access an in-depth look at a member's account. Below you can find a Breakdown of the sections found in this section. 


This section will provide a general overview of the member's information. Information about contact details, sign up date, membership levels and lead activity is easily visible here for quick reference. 


Under this tab you will be able to access past and present transactions made by the member's form of payment. You will be able to cancel, create, refund and send invoices for payments 


For quick references about past and present subscriptions this member has been a part of. 

Profile Stats:

Here, you find a breakdown of the amount of page visits per month and in total. 

Member Content:

This will show all of the posts created by this member. You will be able to see unpublished content as well. 


This section will log all activity under the account. This will include, changes to the member's profile information, lead acceptance/decline and email interaction. 

Member Reviews:

All reviews submitted by users for the corresponding listing will be displayed in this section. Here you will be able to perform bulk updates to the review's status. The option to filter by star rating and status is also available.