The Quick edit section is divided into 3 sections which are broken down below. 

Account Details

This section allows one to edit basic profile information regarding the member's contact information. 

Two notable option in this section is the ability to change the member's account status. 

When the status is "On Hold", and it is changed to "Active", the system will ask if an email notification needs to be sent:   

NOTE: The email template sent above is called: user-approved-by-admin. 

It can be found under Emails >> Email Templates.

Listing Settings

The options included in this section relate to front-end visibility and email options. Here one can make the member a Featured profile on the homepage.  More information here.

One will be able to make a member Verified and also remove this status. For an in-depth look into this setting, please click here

The next option is "List in All Locations" which is set to NO by default. If activated, this member will show in the search results regardless of the location being searched, even in searches outside of their country. 

The final option will allow the admin to add additional emails besides the main contact email provided by the member. This way, the other emails will receive notifications on leads and user reviews.

Advanced options

This section will allow further customization to the specific member's profile in the area of SEO and design. The admin will be able to add a custom URL, custom CSS design as well as custom SEO descriptions and keywords for the site's profile as well as the social media SEO descriptions..