Member Reviews in the Admin -

The new member reviews module provides an easier user experience, making it easy to manage incoming reviews submitted by the website users. The option to filter reviews by Keyword, review status and email is available:

A quick link to edit the review settings is also available on the same page. Through this module, one will be able to edit General Settings for reviews, as well as profile and search results design. 

This button will open the review settings module which is the same as the Post Settings section of the admin. An in depth overview of this module can be reviewed in the following link: Edit Post Settings

Each element of the status box is explained below.

  1. Quick actions are explained in detail below:
  2. This displays the date the review was submitted. 
  3. The IP address of the submitter is readily available in order to easily block spammers or other unwanted reviewers. 
  4. Quick access to member details.

 Four "Quick Actions" available with each review that gets submitted:

  • View live: This is a quick link that takes one straight to the review that was left on the website. 
  • Edit review: While we do not recommend editing reviews, the option is there for all directory owners to control what gets published on the website. 
  • Delete review: One can quickly delete any undesired review on the website. 

To the left of the table, are the member details for the member being reviewed. 

It is possible to access the member's details (more information in this link) as well as the ability to log in as the member. Additional contact information like email and phone number is also displayed to easily follow up with the member. 

The last section of this module includes the details of the review. 

This would include the rating overview, status, title, the full review and email submitted by the user.

From here the status of the review can be changed manually: 

If the status is changed manually, 4 new options will show up:

  • Do not send email notifications 
  • Email Member about this update 
  • Email Reviewer about this update
  • Email Member and Reviewer about this update

Member Reviews on the Profiles -

Reviews can be left for the members profiles using the "Write a Review" button:

Which will open up the Reviews form:

How to Edit the Reviews Form -

The fields asking for Title and Review can be edited inside the Reviews Form:

Form Name: Listing - Write Review    System Name: member_review

Additional Information:

» Toolbox » Form Manager Folder

The rating criteria can be edited through the text labels:

IMPORTANT: If one of the 6 labels is left blank, it will not appear on the form:

Additional Information:

» How to locate Text Labels on the Front End of Your Website

» Settings » Text Labels