Importing members is a great tool to quickly add content to your website. A complete step by step guide and downloadable import templates can be found in the link below. 

Importing Members Complete Guide

Below is a quick description of the elements found on this page. 

  1. This link will direct you to a complete guide on how to import your members as well as downloadable templates. 
  2. This drop down will allow you to select which membership level your new members will be under. This will apply to all records in the import file. To import members in different membership levels, you will need to import them in different files. 
  3. This drop down will allow you to select the account status all of the imported records will be upon import. You can select from active or not active. 
  4. This checkbox will allow you to create multiple listings with the same email. 
  5. Checking this option will automatically add categories to your category structure if you the value does not exist. 
  6. This will allow you to respect line breaks in the text if it exists. This mainly applies to the "About" field. 
  7. Click to upload file from your desktop.