It is really important to know where to find the Site ID, especially when the admin account has more than two sites, this information needs to be included when submitting a new ticket for support.


To find the Site ID, log into the admin, and look at the top left corner of the page, click on the dropdown arrow next to the website name:

This will display the website name, ID, status and License linked to this site, as well as the domain that's currently connected:

At the bottom, there will be a blue button to "View My Websites". This will display all websites linked to this particular admin account. At the bottom, there is also a shortcut link to contact support easily.

The information displayed in this section includes:

1. Website Name, Site ID, and date in which this site was created.

2. Current URL, How many admins have access to this site, Add-ons subscriptions, Revenue,

3. Admin Type and admin account status.

4. Admin Role

5. Link to the Admin Backend.

If there are more than one license purchased, but they're not yet activated these will display right under the active websites. Each website will also display the Website ID #, the type of plan and if they have any Add-ons subscriptions assigned. To the right a button to activate this website will display in green:

If the admin account doesn't have any websites assigned yet, the following message will display:

Launch a Free Trial if the website hasn't been purchased. If the website has been purchased by another admin user, check with the primary admin and ask to be invited to work on the site: Admin Accounts » Invite Admin +

To submit a new ticket please click here