In this article we will go over all the settings available in the "Pricing" Tab: 

NOTE: For more information about the other tabs please reference the links at the bottom of this article. 

Also, this article is going to be divided into two sections: 

  1. Payment Settings
  2. Upgrade Options

1. Payment Settings

The first thing to know is that it is possible to specify if the membership plan is "Free" or "Paid". 

When selecting the "Free" option, some settings will be hidden because they will only apply to paid memberships. 

1. Account Type: Here select if this membership will be free, paid, or claim.
The claim option will only appear if the claim listing add-on is purchased or if the Vip Add-ons are active on the website.

For more information about what this add-on, please read this article: Claim Listings In Depth - Add-on

To set up a Free Membership Plan, we recommend reading the following documentation: Setting up Free Membership Plan

2. Preferred Payment Term: In this option, select the preferred payment.

For example: If the"Paid" option is selected (Option 1) and the preferred payment term is: "Yearly". In the checkout page, the "Annually" option will be marked by default.  

3. Enable Free Trial Period: This is an add-on that will only be seen if the Vip add-ons are installed. 

To learn more about how it works please open the following documentation: Free Trial Period Add-On - Everything you need to know. 

4. Number of Free Trial Days: With this option, specify how many free trial days a member will get to try out the website. For more detailed information please read the article added in option 5. 

5. Disable Signups For This Membership Plan: If it is set to yes, there will be no public signup page for this membership plan. This option is good if the website has an Admin Membership that visitors should not sign up for. 

6. Monthly Price: Entering a value greater than 0 will enable this payment option. 

For example, typing "10", the system will display this amount in the checkout page and it will charge them automatically each month. Keep in mind that some payment gateways as PayPal Standard and PayFast, handle the recurring subscriptions in a different way. They create the unpaid invoice but the payment won't be attempted until the member's login in their account and pay from there. 

The internal payment gateways will charge their account automatically.   

7. Quarterly Price: Entering a value greater than 0 will enable this payment option.

The system will create an option to signup and pay each 4 months. This subscription is recurring as well.  

8. Semi-Yearly Price: Members will be billed every 6 months if they select this option.

Entering a value greater than 0 will enable this payment option. This subscription is recurring as well.  

9. Yearly Price: Members will be billed every 12 months if they select this option. 

Entering a value greater than 0 will enable this payment option. This subscription is recurring as well.  

To set up recurring subscriptions, we recommend reading the following documentation: Setting up Recurring Payments

10. One-time Setup Fee: This option will work for 2 purposes: 

  • Charge a setup amount + the membership price: To do this please type the "Setup Amount"  and also select at least one of the options 5, 6, 7, and 8.
  • Charge only a one-time payment: Leave blank options 5, 6, 7, and 8 and only add the one-time payment amount. For more information about how to set this up please read this article: Setting up One Time Payments

11. Price to Purchase Leads: For membership plans that will purchase leads, type in the amount they would need to pay in order to purchase the lead.   

If the membership level is free, we recommend charging for leads, if it is paid we recommend setting up a cheaper amount or allowing them to receive leads for free. 

2. Available Upgrade Options

Please reference the upgrades setup options in the image below: 

Keep in mind that there is no way to add widgets or forms to the upgrade editors above. 

12. Available Upgrade Options: The membership plans selected here will appear as options to upgrade: 

13. Upgrade Page Header Content: The text entered here will display above the available upgrade options on the upgrade page.

14. Description Why Members Should Upgrade to This LevelThe text entered here will display as a description for this membership level when it is an option to upgrade to.


  • Members cannot upgrade from a paid Membership Plan to a free Membership Plan, so membership plans that are free will not be selectable options.
  • "SELECT RECOMMENDED" will automatically select all the membership plans with better search results priority.
  • Membership plans that have the Account Type "claim" cannot upgrade. The listing first has to be claimed by a member, and then the member can upgrade.

We'll recommend referencing the following documentation in order to set up the upgrade options: Setup Upgrade Options in Membership Plans.

Have questions about how members upgrades are completed on the website? Please read this article: Member Upgrades From Members Perception.

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