There are many benefits to securing the website with an SSL Certificate / HTTPS:

  • All payment pages can use the website domain name, rather than the default secured "" domain name that processes payments by default
  • Increased confidence from the site's member's and visitors
  • Potentially higher rankings from Google and other search engines (more information about Google's use of HTTPS as a ranking signal here)
  • Overall increased security for all non-billing information submitted on the site (all billing information is already secured by SSL / HTTPS by default for all sites)

When this add-on is purchased individually or with the VIP package, we provide the option to install the SSL certificate yourself! Please follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings - General Settings:

2. Click on "Install SSL Security" to start installing the SSL certificate:

It will open a pop-up, please make sure to select Yes, Continue!

After clicking on "Yes, Continue" the process will begin. This could take up to 60 seconds:

Once the process is done, the following notification shows up:

If the domain hasn't been pointed, please follow this link below to learn how to do this:

How To Move Your Site To Your Live Domain

If the SSL has been installed on the website, the button will be blue and it will say "SSL Certificate Enabled":

Important: The HTACCESS File will be reset in order to complete this process. Please be sure to have a backup of any custom code added here.

For more information, feel free to submit a ticket to