Customizing your member profile form to meet your industry’s needs has never been easier. When you launch you Brilliant Directories website, you will see a list of required/recommend fields (*), such as:

  • First & Last Names
  • Company Name
  • Zip Code
  • State

But now you've edited all of the existing Field Label Names or deleted some fields that you didn't need, and suddenly you find that you need to add additional custom fields to your existing form.

To demonstrate how easy your directory can be customized to meet any industry, we will customize the Contact Details Form that displays on the Profile Page to meet the needs of a Crystal Directory.

This logic applies to the Contact Details, Listing Details and About Me Forms.

If you would like to learn how to use the Form Manager, please refer to this article: Forms Manager Overview

Contact Details Form:

Form To Be Edited: Listing - Contact Details - Member

IMPORTANT NOTE: The system uses Variables Names throughout the site. It is no problem to create a new variable, but editing default variables can cause conflicts throughout the site. You can edit the Field Label Names as you please without impacting anything on your website.

  • When adding a new, custom field use the "New Form Field +" button. You can add as many as you want.

  • Remember to enter new Variable Names with no spaces. Use a dash or underscore.

Once the new field is filled out, drag it to it's new position:

** When you change the Form Nickname, remember to go edit/change what form your Membership Level. Please refer to this article: >> How To Assign Different Member Forms To Various Membership Levels << 

Final Results: