We had some functionality that was converted into add-ons. In this article you will find the Add-on name and Site ID.  

Add-on Name               Site ID 

reply_reviews                                      11243

google_search_assist                          11594

Multi-Location Listings                       12450

claim_listing                                        12500

sub_accounts                                      12500

Google Sitemap Generator                 12600

Easy Coupon Codes                            12845

User Statistics                                      12988

website_activity                                   12993

Export Member Data                           13100

members_only                                     13121 

Bookmark My Favorites                       13305 

Google Website Translator                  13979 

Detect Visitor Locations                      14085

Downloadable PDF Invoices                14463

Homepage Clickable Maps Pack         15200

Grid View Search Results                     15500

Google Map Search Results                 15500

Member Profile Badges                       16240

Feature Members on Homepage        16560

New Add-ons 

Below is the list of add-ons that were launched from scratch. This functionality did not exist in the past. 





Click to Call Members


Member Limit Boost

14-Day Website Backups

Expanded Keyword Search

Lead Price by Category

800 Essential Business Categories

Featured Blog Article Slider

Booking System BETA

Facebook Website Chat

AdBlock Detector

Website Announcement Bar

Auto Suspend Members

Spam Form Protector

Free Trial Period

Limit Posts per Member 

Limit Max Photos per Album

SSL Website Security 

Pay Per Post

Sell Digital Products