Streaming Members is a default widget that can be utilized right away:

While Featured Members is an add-on that needs to be purchased and activated on your site: 

If activated on Homepage Section Order, Streaming Members widget will display the most recent members on the homepage on the fly without assigning any further settings:

While for Featured Members widget to work, a further setup is needed. Please refer to the article down below to learn how to feature members on Featured Members widget on the homepage:

How to Feature Members on Homepage

View All button can be showed on Streaming Members widget if needed with the highlighted setting down below:

When selected "Yes" and saved, the View All button will appear on the Streaming Members widget on the homepage which when clicked, it will take website visitors to the member search results URL which is /search_results:

This button and its setting is not available for Featured Members widget.

IMPORTANT NOTE --> Both Streaming Members and Featured Members widgets display the top level category of the member as a default on the front-end:

This can be changed to display the following options: