How to Add Custom Content to your Homepage in 2 Different Sections of the Layout.

If you want your Custom Content o display on the same section of the Homepage please refer to this article: How to Add Custom Text to your Homepage

As the previous article explains our Design Settings offer an option to select which widgets to display in the Homepage, but it only has one section for your Custom Content. There you can add as many widgets as you want to display. But if you wish to have, for example, a custom widget followed by our default sections and then another custom widget you may need a workaround. 

Start by accessing the Content > Edit Web Pages > Homepage:

On this WYSIWYG you can add your custom text and you can edit the text using the following tools:

Or you can use the code view to add your custom HTML:

Here you can list the widgets that you want to call in the order that you want them to be displayed.

Let's say you want to add a custom section right after the Divider, then some of our default widgets and at the bottom some custom text.

To create your custom widgets go to the Toolbox > Widget Manager

For this example we created 2 widgets: Homepage Widget Top and Homepage Widget Bottom.

To get the short code for our Homepage default widgets that you want to display please refer to this article: How to Call a Widget on a Custom Page


Once the custom text is ready, navigate to Settings -- Design Settings -- Homepage Layout -- Homepage Section Order and choose the Custom Homepage Content option from the drop-down menus, after the Homepage Divider, or any other widget you wish to display first: