This article outlines the different ways to edit checkout pages. These pages are used for people signups (Free or Paid).   

By default, free checkout pages have one section with the following fields: 

  • Email and Password 

Paid checkout pages have 3 sections: 

  • Email and Password
  • Payment Options 
  • Billing Information

Different ways to edit Checkout Pages: 

Edit the wording - Translation

Adding or removing fields 

Include a Free Trial

Add a Promo Code 

Add a Sidebar

Edit the Countries 

Edit the wording - Translation

All fields on this page are text labels and can be edited clicking on the left sidebar (Text Labels icon). 

It will highlight all text labels in yellow, to edit them, please click on the variable name. 

Example,  instead of clicking on "Enter Email", click on "enter_email_placeholder"

About the "Save % with this option" label: 

 The percentage can be removed by leaving this text label empty: 

Removing the whole section is possible as well: 

By leaving blank or empty these 2 text labels: save_label_billing and per_year_option_billing 

There might be some text labels that are not highlighted like the card number, expiration date and the security code. 

To edit these 3 labels, please follow the steps in the image below: 

Adding or removing fields

We do not recommend adding or removing fields in checkout pages because it can cause issues with member sign-ups and payments. 

To add or remove fields, forms need to be customized directly under Toolbox >> Form Manager.

Which form to customize will depend on the payment gateway used on the website. We have Internal (Integrated) and External (Hosted) payment gateways. Visit our article: Supported Payment Gateways to know which payment gateway is being used, take a look at the "Type of Gateway". 


If the type of gateway is Internal (Integrated), then edit the following forms: 

  • signup_free
  • whmcs_signup_paid

If the type of gateway is External (Hosted), then edit the following forms:

  • signup_free
  • whmcs_signup_external 

To add a field, follow steps 1-4

To hide a field, follow step 5

Note: we recommend hiding the field instead of removing it completely.  

To learn more about form fields, please visit our article: In-Depth Look Into Form Fields And Their Settings

Include a Free Trial

This is an add-on that can be purchased directly on our website

Find more information on this article: Free Trial Period Add-On - Everything you need to know

Adding a Promo Code

This is an add-on that can be purchased directly on our website.

Find more information on this article: How To Setup Coupon Codes (Promo Codes)

Adding a Sidebar

Adding sidebars in checkout pages helps visitors to learn more about the website and also to know why they should join. 

There are some pre-made sidebars but we do not recommend using any of them in the checkout pages because they contain links that will send them out of the checkout page and the idea is that when they are on the checkout page, the will join and become free or paid members of the website.  

Below is a sidebar example we recommend.

It doesn't contain links, basically, it has text and images only. It has all of the sidebar confidence boosters in it:

We have an article that has the code to add this sidebar, please visit our documentation: How To Add Confidence Boosters To Checkout Sign Up Pages

Once the new sidebar has been added to the Sidebar Manager, it can be selected here: 

Now this new sidebar will be displayed on the checkout page of that specific product.  

The system allows adding one sidebar per product (Free, Premium, Featured, etc)  

Editing the Countries

Restricting countries is possible in the checkout pages. 

If the website will only be for people in the US, then making the United States the only "Featured or Active Country" and changing all other countries to "Not Active" will make it so that only the United States will show up here: 

Find more information about how to accomplish it in this article: Finance » Payment Gateways » Additional Settings » Billing Address Countries

Country Translation is also possible, find more information here: How to translate the Country field on Checkout pages