This is a guide that you can use to provide instructions for your members to login and fill out their profiles.

Once you signed up you can login here: 

You need to enter your email & password here, then click on Login Now:

Once you are logged in you'll be accessing your dashboard, in this section first we recommend to fill out your business/profile information.

Click on the Contact Details button to fill out your Contact Details information:

On the Contact Details form you need to fill out the following fields:

1. Type of Listing:

- Company / Organization: Select this option if you are a company, if you select this option your Company name and Logo is going to display on your Public Profile, your personal name is not going to display.

- Individual: Select this option if you are an individual, if you select this option your First and Last Name and Profile photo is going to display on your Public Profile.

2. First Name

3. Last Name

4. Company Name

5. Your Position in the Company

6. Top Category: Select the field that relates the most with your Business, the category will be used by visitors to find you on the website.

7. Phone Number

8. Emails Sent To: All notifications regarding your account are going to be sent to this email.

9. Short Description: You can use this field to add a short description about your business or yourself, this text is going to display on your listing in the search results page.

10. Enter your Location, please see this GIF, once you enter your address the google maps location system is going to suggest the address for you, if you need to make an adjustment you can do so in the Address 1 field:

11. Enter Website Links & Social Media Links

Once you are finished click on the Save & Continue button.

Now the system is going to take you to the Profile Photo and Profile Logo section.

See how you can upload your Profile Images:

- Profile Photo:

- Profile Logo:

Now click on the Continue to Next Section button.   

On the Listing Details tab you must fill out the following:

15. Sub Categories: Here you need to select the ones that you offer or service, these will be used by visitors to find you on the website.

16. Share More Details: On this section you are going to be prompted to fill out more information about your business, all of these fields are going to display on your public profile.

Once you are finished, click on Save & Continue.

17. Write about you and your company: Enter on the text field what your company is about and any other special information that you want to share on your Public Profile.

Lastly, click on Save & Continue.

If you want to see your profile, you can click here on View Listing or View Public Listing: