The built-in email system is designed for emailing active members of your site whom have requested to receive emails from you. When you use the default Brilliant Directories Sendgrid account, the newsletter stats are automatically tracked and recorded within the system:

We also have the built in functionality for adding your own Sendgrid account to your site. Below if more information if you are interested in setting up your own credentials:

>> Sendgrid Integration

If you have your own credentials, you can log into your Sendgrid account for detailed reporting on your Sendgrid activity.

However, it is possible to update settings in your Sendgrid account so that our system will track the results.

1. Login to your Sendgrid account and select "Settings":

2. Within the Settings, click on "Event Notification":

3. When the Event Notifications open up, 3 items need to be setup:

** Click on EDIT to modify the settings. ** 

  1.  Turn ON the notifications.
  2. Add the HTTP Post URL:
  3. Select any additional Actions you would like to include for your reports. We recommend using the ones shown above. If other Actions are added, they will be tracked within the BD system.

    ** Keep in mind, if you do enable other Actions be sure to reach out to Sendgrid support for any questions you may have about those actions. **

4. Now the "Tracking" needs to be enabled:

5. "Click Tracking" and "Open Tracking" are the two settings that need to be enabled:

  1.  Click Tracking - will track/capture all clicks for any links added to the body of your email newsletters. 
  2.  Open Tracking - will track every time the email has been opened by the newsletter subscriber.

6. Now I will go in and test my new setup. I enabled the Click Tracking:

** Please allow time for all of the correct Statistics to populate. It won't happen immediately. **


** Important Note: When enabling your own credentials, even though there is No Limit to the amount of emails that can be sent out in a day, there is a limit within the system that will not allow for more than 5,000 emails to be sent out per batch. This means, that you can send out 10 batches containing no more than 5,000 emails per campaign. **