By default all sites come a categories page that can be accessed using the " " URL and through the Footer Menu link on the Homepage:

This will allow the website visitors and members to browse through all of the categories available on the site:

For sites with a lot of categories, the search bar makes it easy for the website users to quickly find what they are looking for:

This search bar will search for any matching keywords:

The order in which the categories are displayed on this page can be changed in the Member Categories section of the Members tab of the admin dashboard as seen below:

Back-End Information:

This page can be found inside Content » Edit Web Pages

The first three items on this image can be edited to fit your site/niche:

1. Page Title (H1)

2. Sub Title (H2)

3. URL  (best to leave as is)

The following is a widget:

4. This widget is the one that displays the categories inside Categories page on the site. 

5. This is the standard sidebar that will appear on all Web Pages. 

Additional Information:

» To read more about the Web Pages, follow this link: Web Pages Folder

» For more about the Widgets, follow this link: Toolbox » Widget Manager

Editing the Categories:

» Members » Member Categories

» How To Import A Top-Level & Sub-Level Category Structure Via CSV File

» How To Add Categories Manually From The Admin

» How To Select Categories as a Member

Designing the Categories Page:

1) Text and Images can be added inside the WYSIWYG editor and they will appear on the Categories Page:

Additional Information:

» Everything About WYSIWYG Editors

» How to Post Images On WYSIWYG Editors

2) Use the Hero Section: 

» How to add a Hero Section to your Static pages

TIP - Advanced Setting:

If the site has a lot of categories but you'd like to only display the categories that have been selected by at least one member, use this Advanced Setting:

Compared to the image above, the categories page list is a lot shorter when the setting is enabled. Only 4 Top Level Categories are being displayed out of the 18 that are available to members: