Absolutely! Besides the most common income stream- selling memberships and customer leads to your members, Brilliant Directories also allows you to place Google adwords and any 3rd party advertising you choose throughout your site. As the traffic to your site builds, these advertising income streams can be extremely significant. 

Additionally, your directory"s members often have their own websites and social media properties that they wish to maintain, improve, and promote. We are currently in the process of allowing members to offer BD"s own internal Enterprise-Class marketing, design, and maintenance services to all of their members and receive a handsome commission for their referrals. This is a great way to enhance the value of your directory to your members while adding yet another income stream to your business. 

And finally, BD is constantly developing new ways for directory partners to offer the best 3rd party business services to their members while earning affiliate commissions in the process. The ways to turn your directory into a profitable business are nearly endless!