Brilliant Directories is designed to be an out of the box solution to get your site launched quickly so you can begin your marketing and growing your new venture immediately. However, some website owners will want to make some aesthetic or functionality changes to their new website.

Depending on the nature of the changes you would like to make, these could fall under two different categories:

BD Support

A setup request would be a small modification to your website that our Coach Team can help complete for you. Setup items that would fall under this category would be things like:

  • Changes to the text in certain areas of your website
  • Updates to the main menu of your website
  • Implementation of the category structure as you outline in your Launch Plan
  • Setup of the membership levels of your site, including the activation of member features as you outline in your Launch Plan
  • Implementation of your pricing page based on the membership levels as you outline in your Launch Plan
  • Changing colors of buttons, backgrounds, text, etc
  • Editing the SEO elements of specific pages
  • Placing existing widgets around your site
  • Placing or replacing images or banners around your site
  • Making minor CSS changes to re-align or re-size existing elements on a page
  • Making minor edits / updates to existing widgets that do not require a developer
  • Assisting with the parsing and import of members to a site

You can use credits to have our team complete these modifications (setup requests) on your behalf, or you can use these credits to purchase Training Sessions from our Coach Team
In the case you don't have any credits we recommend you contact your Sales Representative. At times there are good deals for these. 
If you don't know how to contact your Sales Rep. please email  we will ask your Sales Rep to Contact you.

Is there anything the support staff cannot do for me?

There are some limitations to what the support staff can do for you. Some of these include:
  • Some questions or requests you have about the software that are highly technical in nature may require the staff to do some research and get answers from our development team before getting back to you with a definitive response
  • The support staff is not able help launch businesses that are illegal or offensive
  • The support staff cannot log in to accounts you have with other websites or services
  • The support staff is unable to assist you with your setup requests without the full scope of the request being sent via email first
  • The support staff is not able to do the initial setup your website or your business for you, unless a detailed request is submitted, quoted by our team, and then approved by you. Service like this can be purchased for an additional cost that can also be offset by any Training & Setup credit included with the purchase of the license for the software.

How to use Training & Setup Credits

Whenever you would like our team execute on any of the types of modifications as described above to your directory on your behalf, please send an email directly to outlining the request in as much detail as possible.

Please note: Sending the requests via email is always a requirement before we can provide a quote or execute on any setup requests you have. We do this to make sure the scope of the request is crystal clear to both parties so we can execute on the request as quickly and accurately as possible and to prevent any miscommunication during the setup process.

Once we receive a setup request, we will analyze the request and provide you with a quote to complete the request for you. When we give a quote for a setup request, it is a comprehensive quote, taking into consideration all the different resources required to deliver on a request, such as:

  • The Coach Staff's time to analyze a request, respond with questions, and come to an agreement on the entire scope of the request
  • The Coach and/or development team's time to execute on the request, and test the functionality once complete
  • The QA team's time to analyze and test the request that was completed to be sure everything is in working order
  • The Coach's time to communicate that the request is complete
  • The entire team's time necessary to make any updates or tweaks to the setup request as required after it is initially completed

Because we must go through this process with each request, the cost for us to complete a request may be higher than the cost for yourself, a developer on your staff, or an outsourced developer to complete it on your behalf.

Even though the quoted cost may be higher than the cost of doing it yourself or outsourcing it, the benefits of having our team execute on the request for you is that the same team who built the software from the ground up will be completing your request, so we can insure that all modifications are done in the optimal manner given how the software is built.

Once we have provided you with a quote on the request, you will be able to decide whether you would like to move forward with the request or not. Any Training & Setup credits you have remaining with us may be applied to pay for the request. If the cost of the request exceeds the amount of credits you have, you may choose to pay the difference with the credit card you have on file with us in order to move forward with the request.

Once we receive confirmation from you that you would like to move forward with the request, we will charge your credit card on file (if additional payment to cover the cost of the request is necessary) and queue the request with our team to complete for you.

Once we have finished the work for you, our team will notify you by email or phone to confirm completion.

Customization Requests

Customization requests are modifications to your website that would not fall under the list of "Setup requests" as described above. These are generally larger-scale requests like more significant changes to the design or functionality of your site that require more in-depth analysis, communication, quotation, and execution than the Setup requests mentioned above.

While our own internal development team is typically not equipped to make significant customizations like these to your website for you, we do work with several 3rd party developers and development teams that are available to quote and complete these types of requests for you.

If you are interested in requesting this type of customization, please be sure to have the following items prepared in order to receive a quote on the work you would like completed:

  • A detailed description of each piece of functionality that you would like modified or developed
  • A professional mockup of the desired completed design for aesthetic customization requests that require a very specific look to be delivered
  • A wireframe mockup of the completed design for aesthetic customization requests that do not require a very specific look, or just require a re-arranging of the already-existing elements of a page or the implementation of design elements from another existing website onto yours.

Once you have these items ready, please feel free to submit your request to the Marketplace in order to be put in contact with a 3rd-party developer that can discuss your request with you.

Typically these 3rd party developers quote and charge for their services by the hour, so if you would like to have a direct discussion with them about the potential customization request and do not have the items prepared as described above, then the developers may request compensation for the time required to create these for you based on your conversation with them. 

One final tip

Through the process of launching thousands of websites in myriad industries, our most successful users have demonstrated time and again that the best strategy for launching a successful site is to get a working model online as quickly as possible with the fewest number of modifications possible. This allows you and your potential members and users to see a real working website right away. Once you are able to get your initial members on the site and have some real users making use of your website, you can then use their feedback and your experience with the initial launch to make better-informed decisions on the kinds of customizations that would be prudent to invest in.