Thanks to the amazing feedback provided our customers, we're excited to announce the upcoming release of our new leads module. During the development phase, our team had the following objectives:

  • Create advanced auto-matching functionality that gives administrators control over which and how many members are matched to leads automatically when they are submitted
  • Allow to filter leads by top-level categories
  • Allow to filter leads by sub-level categories
  • Allow leads to be filtered by location
  • Provide a visual map that outlined the various lead stages
  • Provide a Google Map showing the location requested in the lead and the potential members that could be a good match
  • Allow to control which email goes out when a lead is sent based on membership level
  • Allow to send a lead as already accepted so that the lead never appears as sold-out for premium members
  • Update the email module to easily display and edit which variables are being sent
  • Update the forms manager to easily control which variables are sent during the email preview and complete email previews
  • Add bulk actions for changing the status of multiple leads, matching a lead to multiple members, and deleting multiple leads at once

We are currently accepting customers that would like to join the BETA launch of our new leads module. There is no cost associated to participate in the BETA launch. There is a current 10-15 business day waiting list to have this implemented on your website. If you would like to participate please send us an email at 


Preview Area: The new module allows you to completely control which area shows up in the Preview Area. You can edit this by going to the Forms Manager and selecting Table "Yes".

Lead Statuses: Easily glance at all of the possible matches around your lead. Click on an icon will display the company name, and allow you to filter accordingly. 

Google Maps API Integration: The new leads module allows you to narrow your match using the power of Google Maps to find members in the desired location:

Filter by Categories:  Search for members that satisfy the requirements of the lead based on the specific categories that have been requested by the lead itself with a single click.

Send One-Off Custom Emails: You can now send a one-off custom lead email to your members. This is a great option if you would like to add a personal touch to a possible member you are trying to sell to, or a paying member. You can send the custom email with one of three options:

New Email Module: This module allows you to switch between Variable Names View or Variable Results View. This means you can always preview which variables are being sent in your email. 

Advanced Auto Matching: Our advanced auto-matching just got a major upgrade. You can now turn auto-matching on, and decide which membership levels are included, the status of the lead once it's sent, the email template that members get (based on the membership level), and which parameters must be taken into consideration (location, categories, and so forth). 

Manage Your Data Flows: The biggest update to the Leads Module is the amount of control our customers will have over their data flows. Each form can be tied to its own data flow, which triggers emails based on the submission of a form. 

Each Data Flow can be assigned various actions based primarily on membership levels. Each action comes with four tabs of options: 

General Settings:

  • Action Name: Name assigned to a specific action.
  • Enable Outgoing Auto-matching: This controls whether or not a specific lead will be auto-matched to your members. 
  • Redirect URL: This controls which page a website visitor will be re-directed to after completing the form.
  • Tracking Code: Allows you to easily paste a tracking code to the submission of the corresponding form. 

Direct Match Settings

  • Enable Direct Auto-Matches: The setting controls what happens when a website visitor tries to contact a member of your website directly on their profile page. Setting this to Yes means that the member which was contacted directly will automatically receive a lead-match email. 
  • Auto-Match Method: Preview will only send the information you've flagged as Preview in the Forms Manager. 
  • Auto-Match State: Gives you the control over whether an email will be sent as already accepted, or require a member to accept it. 
  • Preview Template: This is the email template that will be sent out if Preview is selected as the auto-match method. 
  • Complete Method: This is the email template that will be sent out if Complete is selected as the auto-match method. 

Additional Notifications

  • Email Admin: Set whether or not the admin receives a notification every time a lead is sent. 
  • Admin Template: Select which email you would like to send the admin if Email Admin is set to "Yes".
  • Extra Admin Email Addresses: Add additional emails other than the admin email that you would like to receive the same admin notification email. 
  • Email Visitor That Submits the Form: Select whether or not you want a website visitor to receive an email after submitting a form. 
  • Visitor Template: Choose which template should be sent to the visitor if Email Visitor That Submits The Form is set to "Yes"

Custom Data Actions Based on Membership Levels

The new leads module allows you to set specific data actions based on membership levels. This means that you can set specific membership levels to not be included in the auto-matching. You can create a new action in the Data Flow manager, and select which membership levels you would like to have included:

Incoming Auto-match Settings: 

  • Enable Incoming Auto-Matching: If this is selected to "Yes", all membership levels included in the General Settings Tab will be included in the auto-matching to all members. Selecting "No" will exclude those membership levels. 
  • Auto-Match Method: Set whether members receive the complete lead details, or only the preview. We recommend always selecting preview so that your members are forced to interact with your platform. 
  • Auto-Match State: Set it to be pending or accepted. One instance where you would set this as accepted is if you have premium members that will be included in the auto-matching along with your free members. Setting a unique rule where they get the lead as "accepted" would guarantee their leads never show as sold-out. 
  • Preview Template: This is the email template that will be sent out if Preview is selected as the auto-match method.
  • Complete Method: This is the email template that will be sent out if Complete is selected as the auto-match method. 


  • It is not currently possible to charge for leads. We expect this to be added to the new leads module in the next month. 
  • Leads that have been received using the previous version of the Leads System will not be recognized in the new system.  All previously received leads would have to be managed in the previous version of the leads system, and all new leads would be managed in the new version of the Leads System.