Why would I want to secure my site with SSL / HTTPS?

There are many benefits to securing your website with an SSL Certificate / HTTPS:

  • All payment pages can use your own domain name, rather than the default secured "securemypayment.com" domain name that processes payments by default
  • Increased confidence from your site's member's and visitors
  • Potentially higher rankings from Google and other search engines (more information about Google's use of HTTPS as a ranking signal here)
  • Overall increased security for all non-billing information submitted on the site (all billing information is already secured by SSL / HTTPS by default for all sites)

If you would like your site to receive all of the benefits above, we offer a full-service SSL installation plan as shown on our Premium Services page

What do I get when I order the SSL / HTTPS Installation service?

When purchasing this service, you will receive the following:

  • Configuration and Installation of the SSL certificate on your website's server
  • An update to your entire website to enable the use HTTPS: for all pages, including the Member Dashboard
  • Setup of the billing pages of your site to use your own domain instead of SecureMyPayment.com
  • An update to the server files to redirect all old HTTP: pages to the new HTTPS: pages


If you do not have an SSL Certificate already, that's not a problem!  We will also include everything you need for your first year of using SSL / HTTPS free of charge with our SSL Certificate Installation service, including one full year of SSL Certificate usage for free (SSL Certificates must be renewed each year).

After the first year, the SSL Certificate costs $97 per year to keep your SSL / HTTPS security active.  If you provided your own 3rd party SSL Certificate, you would only need to pay $39 per year for the ongoing maintenance of the service.

How to order the SSL / HTTPS installation service for your site

Simply submit a ticket or send an email to support@brilliantdirectories.com and request the service to be installed on your site.


I already purchased an SSL Certificate from another provider, can I use this one instead?

Yes!  While we do include a free one year subscription to use an SSL Certificate we provide as a part of the service, you may certainly use one provided by a 3rd party instead.

If I provide my own SSL Certificate, does this change the cost in any way?

The cost of the installation service remains the same whether you are using a 3rd party SSL Certificate or the one we provide free for the first year.  However, if you are using your own SSL certificate, after the first year you only need to pay $39 / year for ongoing maintenance, and will not need to pay the full $97 for the SSL Certificate as well.

Can I use Training & Setup Credits for this service?

No. Because SSL Certificates are actual products and ongoing services, they must be purchased separately to support their ongoing security.

When I go to purchase the SSL Certificate, it shows I am being charged a One-Time payment of $150 and then $97 per year.  Is this different from the quoted price of a one-time payment of $247 and the $97 per year after the first year?

Due to the way the billing system works, the $97 recurring payment is charged immediately and then each year thereafter.  So in this case, the One-Time payment is $150 + $97 ($247 total as quoted).  One year after the initial payment is collected, it will automatically renew for $97, and will continue to do so until the service is cancelled.