We are ready to install the new Service Areas module for customers that would like to participate in the BETA launch. This update is available for both Bootstrap and Classic Themes. There is a current 5-10 business day wait time for the installation to be completed on your website. 

Requirements:  If your site is using the Bootstrap version of the software, your site must have a Google Maps Location API Key setup.  If you are using the Classic version of the software, your site must have a Google Maps Location API Key setup, and it must be using the Google Maps Locations System in order for this update to be installed on your website. 

Cost: This is a free upgrade for all Brilliant Directories customers. To request this installation, please submit a ticket with this request, or email support@brilliantdirectories.com.

Benefit 1:  Integrated With Google Maps

Benefit 2:  Control Which Types Of Locations Your Members Can Select As A Service Area

  • The "Add" location button will only appear if you check off the box giving that membership level permission to add that type of location. Below is an example of a membership level that only allows members to add additional zip-codes, cities or counties. 

Benefit 3:  Limit How Many Service Areas Your Members Can List In

Benefit 4: Google's Lightning Fast Auto-Suggest Allows Members To Quickly Find Their Service Areas

Benefit 5: Pinpoint Accuracy With Cursor Movement

Benefit 6: Easily Search / Filter Your Existing Service Areas


  • Locations auto-fill based on location values that are assigned by the Google Maps API. This means that it is not possible to edit how a location is presented. For example, Google uses "Denmark" instead of the locally used "Danmark" in most cases.  This will only impact how the service areas are displayed in the Member Dashboard, and will not impact the functionality of location searches on your site.

  • Although the spelling can be changed ("state" to "province" or "city" to "suburb" for example), you are limited to these five primary types of locations (Country, State, County, City, Zip-Code).