You can add images to web pages by following these directions:

1. Log in to your Admin portal. 


3. Click on the "Images Folder":

4. Click on "Upload"

5. Click on "Choose File"

6. Select the image you wish to upload.

7. Wait until you receive the confirmation message:

8. Click on shortcut link to go back to the images folder:

9. Copy the name of the image. Make sure there are no spaces or symbols in the name. If there are, you can rename it by right clicking on your mouse. 

10. Insert the name of the image after the images/ in this code:

<img src="/images/">

It should look like this: 

<img src="/images/claimlisting.jpg">

11. Paste that code in the source code of whichever page you which to add the image:

To find the source code click on this icon:

Paste the image code wherever you would like it to display on your page:

12. Click save. 

You may need to refresh your web browser to see the newly replaced image on your website. You can repeat this process to override any existing images on your directory.