This section collects messages sent to your site through various forms on the front end of the website. It will display the number of unopened or pending messages:

The main form that collects these messages is the Contact Us form. 

An automated email will also be sent to the websites' admin email once the Contact Us form has been filled out by a user of the site. 

Once inside the message there are 4 available actions: View, Reply and Actions (Archive - Delete)

View Inquiry: will open a modal with the information related to the message you are viewing. 

Reply to Inquiry: will allow you to send a reply message to the sender of the inquiry. You can add a personal message in the Email Content section, or you can select an email template from the drop down:

Delete Inquiry: will remove the message from the system.

Archive Inquiry: moves message to the Archive folder, which will show up once there are archived messages:

The admin managing these message also has the chance to add an internal note to each inquiry, through the Notes field:

Bulk Actions: Use the Bulk Actions drop down menu to Mark as new messages that you have already archived, or to Delete messages that you no longer need.

Filter By Form: You can filter by form, this way is easier for you to have a more organize background of the inquiries submitted. 

Export Inquiries: the "Export Inquiries" button will allow you to export inquiries received from different forms.
If you apply a filter, the button will export the results based on the filter selected.

For example, if you want to export the inquiries received from the "Contact Form", then you use the "Filter by form" >> Contact Form and then click on "Export Inquiries":

The "Export Inquiries" button will only appear if you have the Export Member Data Add-On

You can purchase this add-on on our website

Important Note: If the website has been set to the Staging Mode, How To Activate "Staging Mode" / "Coming Soon" Splash Page As Your Homepage messages coming through that form will also show up inside the Form Inquiries section of the admin.