The following steps outline the procedure for the members to use in order to upgrade to a higher membership level or downgrade from a paid to a free membership plan:

1. Click on Upgrade in the Member Dashboard:

The "Upgrade Profile" text above can be edited to something more generic like "Change Plan", in case, the admin wants to add downgrade options as well. 

It can be edited under Settings >> Text Labels >> view_public_listing_account

2. They will select the membership plan they would like to upgrade to and click on "Continue With Upgrade". 

3. Here, they will select which plan they would like to upgrade to:

4. The billing module will confirm the amount to be paid. The system will not attempt to prorate the upgrade price in any way, it will charge the full amount of the new Membership Level (In this case is the Premium for $19.99) and will start a new subscription. 

Example: If a member purchased a Basic Membership for $1 on 02/15/2021 and 15 days later (02/30/2021) they upgrade to the Premium Membership which is $19.99, the system will start a new subscription for $19.99 on 02/30/2021 and the old subscription for the Basic Membership will be cancelled.

The system will not refund the unused portion of the old membership.  However, an Admin of the site can issue a partial refund from the payment gateway account (Stripe, checkout,, PayPal Payments Pro, etc) if necessary. 

5. A success message will appear if the transaction was successfully charged:

6. If they upgrade to the highest membership plan available, the upgrade button will disappear from the left sidebar:

7. If members go to the "Billing section" and the admin have activated the Downloadable PDF Invoices add-on, they can view or download their invoices.

Here is more information about this functionality: Downloadable PDF Invoices Add-On 

From the Owner's Perspective

The transaction will appear in the member's Transaction History.
*To find this section please find the member and click on Actions >> Payment History >> Transactions tab:

9. The payment will also appear under Finance >> "Transaction History":

To learn how to "setup upgrade options" in every Membership Plan, please read this article: (Bootstrap) Setup Upgrade Options in Membership Levels.