The new billing module provides you with four shortcuts to export your transaction history. The formats available include:

  • CSV
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Print

New Feature:  You are now able to add filters on your Transaction History Tab, and the export will respect those filters. 

Exporting Your Transaction History

Exporting With Excel or CSV

Step 1: There is only one step to exportiing your transaction history via an excel document or csv file. Please click on the format you would like to export in, and the export should instantly begin downloading on your browser:

Exporting With PDF

Step 1: Click on "PDF"

Step 2: The PDF viewer should open. If it does not open, you may be required to download the latest PDF software version. With the document open, click on file and save the file for your safe keeping:

Printing Your Transaction History

Step 1: Click on "Print"

Step two: Select the correct printer and click on "Print":