We are very excited to announce the new "Developer's Corner" Resource Center: http://developers.brilliantdirectories.com/support/solutions

Most of the answers to advanced developer questions can be found there. Additional resources include: 

How To Customize Your Website Using Brilliant Directories

In this video we'll show you which data_tables are used, where to call variables, how to locate and edit widgets, where to access Text Labels, and much more. 

All About Variables

How To Edit Forms

A large part of what makes up Brilliant Directories is the forms manager. Forms are used to build member features, membership listings, manage leads, and much more. 

The Widget Manager

In this short video we'll learn how to edit, delete or create widgets..

The File Manager (FTP)

In this video we take a quick tour around the File Manager, wish a focus on adding images to the images folder.

The Sidebar Manager

In this short video we'll quickly go over the main items you need to know in order to manage your website sidebars.

Developer's Cheat Sheet For Membership Feature Variables

This article shares some of the most commonly used variables throughout the system. 

Master Bootstrap CSS

If you are looking for the Master CSS being used for your website, please add /directory/cdn/assets/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css at the end of your URL. 

Displaying And Hiding Certain Sections Depending On Platform

Learn how to add or hide info based on the size of the screen.