On Bootstrap sites, to show custom or existing widgets, for example streaming widgets, we first need to enable the Custom Homepage Content option which is found by going to Settings -> Design Settings -> Homepage Layout and  on one of the 13 options there, select Custom Homepage Content. This option will enable and show any content you have on your homepage content page. Now we just need to go to Content -> Add/Edit Web Pages and edit the home page. In this page, simply paste the code for the particular widget we want to use. Let's say we want to use a custom streaming widget called Automobile, we would paste the name of the Streaming Widget like [widget=Bootstrap Theme - Display - Recent Automobile] and save it. The result would be a streaming automobile widget on your homepage.

It is very important then to know:

  • Make sure that in one of the Homepage Layout options we have one Custom Homepage Content option enabled.
  • We have the custom code on our home page.
  • We verify that the name of the widget we want to use is correctly written. 
  • On classic sites, streaming widgets are called Streaming - Articles but on Bootstrap sites for example they are called Bootstrap Theme - Display - Recent Articles, this difference will affect if the widget is actually shown.
  • You can add multiple Widgets with one single Custom Homepage Content enabled in the Homepage Layout by simply pasting multiple widgets on your homepage content page.
  • The order in which the widgets are added will be the same as how they will show on the homepage. This order is also taken into account by the Homepage Layout. So if the Custom Homepage Content option is used as the 3rd option on the Homepage Layout, then all widgets related to any custom code on your home page will appear AFTER the first 2 options selected on the Homepage Layout.

In the image above, all custom code will be shown on the homepage AFTER all previous 7 Sections (Section 1 to 7) are shown. So if you have 5 widgets on your home page, they will all appear after the 7 Sections shown here because the Custom Homepage Content is used on Section 8. If it were used on Section 4 for example, then they would appear after section 3.