Important Note: Brilliant Directories is a Hosted Solution. Creating an FTP account will give you access to the file structure of your site. This will not give you access to core PHP files that run the software. Design and functionality customizations would be done in the Admin area of your site. 

The Brilliant Directories Platform provides a shortcut to the File Manager directly in the admin section. You can access your File Manager by going to Developers -> (FTP) File Manager

If you are working with an outside developer, or looking to make changes yourself, creating an FTP account to provide access to the files on your site may be requested or required. By using a 3rd party FTP client, you will be able to drag and drop multiple files from your computer to the file structure of your website. 

Brilliant Directories is not permitted to set up FTP accounts for its customers. This is something that must be setup directly by the license owner. Setting up FTP access is done inside your cPanel account. For more information about how to create a new FTP account inside your cPanel account, please see the cPanel documentation on the subject here:

To login to your cPanel account, simply click on the "cPanel" link in the header of your Admin area.