To add a commenting system to your site (Disqus being the best one) we need to do the following:

1. Create a Disqus Account at

2. Follow all the steps on the Disqus site setup. Click on "I want to install Disqus on my site".


3. After clicking on the Add Disqus To Site link, you should be taken to a form where you can add your sites name (Not URL, just a general name to represent your site on the Disqus platform) and what the site is used for (Disqus Category). Click on "Create Site".

Click on Got it. Let's get started!.

4. Click on "Universal Code".

5. Copy the whole script code.

Up to here we have the Script Code we need. We will now proceed to your Brilliant Directories site.

Now go to your Admin Dashboard >> Content >> Edit Post Settings >> Find the feature you wish to add the commenting system, in this example we added the code to the blog feature.

Click on Edit.

Click on the Detail Page Design tab. Scroll down until you find Comments Code:

On the Comments Code section add the code provided by Disqus, you can also add a title to this section if you need to do so.

Now you can visit any of your Blog Posts (or any other feature that you added the code to):

With this, you now have a fully functional Disqus system for all of your Articles. You can keep on pasting the Disqus code anywhere on your site to enable it on that particular part of the site.

To manage all Disqus comments, you can do that from your Disqus Admin panel on the Disqus Site.