This functionality allows the owner of a website to create new accounts for the other Admins or team members that will have access to the website. 

Creating An Admin Account -

Navigate to Settings » Admin Accounts and click on the "New Admin Account Button +" within the drop-down:

  • Username field - add the email for the account being created.

  • Password field - add a personal password or easily generate a new password.

Copy, Fill Password or Generate a new password:

Under "Account Status"  it is possible to decide if the account is Active or Disabled:

Under "Account Role" it is possible to decide the roles for each admin, they define which section of the Admin each account has access to when they log in.

** Additional Information about Admin RolesSettings » Admin Roles

Then add the contact information (Full Name, Email Address and Phone Number)

Finally, create the Email Signature.

In this section, it is possible to add images and videos if needed:

Click on "Save Changes".

Editing An Admin Account -

If any changes need to be made to the admin account information - such as Name, Phone Number, Email Signature that needs to be done by the account holder. 

The website owner and other admin account will not be able to edit any of that information.

What the website owner and/or other admins can do: 

  1. Edit the Admin Role assigned:

    » Settings » Admin Roles

  2. Remove access to the site:

Additional Functionality for the Website Owner -

For accounts with multiple sites it is possible to select which site to "Log In First by Default":

-- When logging in to this Admin Account, log in to this site first by default.