It is possible to completely control which members are able to receive messages, and which ones are not. There are two primary benefits to having this control:

  1. You can sell this as a premium feature to help convince your free members to sign up for a premium account.
  2. You may be importing members that do not have emails associated with them. These may be "claim listings" for example. If this is the case, then you would want to import them into a single membership plan and remove the ability of these members being contacted. This will prevent visitors from waiting for a response that they will never get since an email was never delivered in the first place. 

This is the view of the profile when the Send Message button and form are being displayed in the member's profile:   

How to set it up? 

1. Go to your admin dashboard and navigate to "Finance".

2. Click on "Membership Plans" 

3. Click on "Edit" for the Membership Plan you wish to edit.

4. Click on the "Profile Page" Tab.

5. Scroll down to "Page Display Settings" and Set "Show "Send Message" Buttons & Forms" to "NO":

6. Save the changes. 

Now if you log in as a Basic Member (This is the Membership Plan I chose in step 3) the "Send Message" form and button will no longer appear on profile pages or feature posts that were posted by the member that is not allowed to receive messages: