If you have pointed the nameservers of your domain to Brilliant Directories (ns1.directorysecure.com and ns2.directorysecure.com), then all email accounts and subdomains related to your domain can be setup and managed directly through your Brilliant Directories account.

An example of a domain would be:


An example of a subdomain would be:


To create a new subdomain, first login to your cPanel account by going to Developers >> cPanel Dashboard:

If you do not see this cPanel link in the header of your Admin area, please submit a ticket or email support@brilliantdirectories.com to request that this be added.

Once you are logged in to your cPanel account, click on the Zone Editor link:

Click on manage for your domain URL:

Here you can add an "A Record" or "CNAME" record for a subdomain, depending on your projects needs.

Tip: If the sub-domain pointed to an IP address it's an A record. If it's pointed to a domain name it's a CNAME record.