Access your Member's Dashboard, on the left sidebar you are going to find the Product feature.

Here you'll find a new Product, now we can add some content to it like the title, description, image and more as explained through the points mentioned and the image shown below:

1. Publish content on the site or save it as a draft.

2. Add the Title of the Product.

3. Select the Availability of the Product.

4. Add the address of the Product.

5. The Complete address will be auto-populated by typing it in point #4.

6. Add an External Link if necessary.

7. Enter keywords that apply. Separate with comma!.

9. Enter the Description of the Product.

Once you save all of the of the details, you can add the images to the Product feature.

Upload as many images you need.

1. Add a Title to the Image.

2. Add a Description to the Image.

Here you can Arrange the Photo Display Order:

See how you can arrange the images in the following GIF:

Now here is how you can find the Product you'd created:

Lastly, this is how the Product displays on the site: 


As you can see all membership features have a page designated for the feature by default:



Click on View Details:

Here you'll find:

  • The images of the Product with their respective title and description.
  • The main description of the Product.
  • "Contact This Member" will send a direct message to the member.
  • "View More Details" will take you to the External Link of the Product.