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Changelog - May 2015

New Features

  • Added ReCaptcha Field to Forms. The settings for this (Google Key) can be added via the Advanced Website Settings by searching for "google"
  • Updated signup forms to support new TLD (eg: .directory, .london....)
  • A new option was added to the Membership Level forms to allow members to accept or delete reviews.

Enhancements / Fixes

  • Fixed multiple SEO issues (Mainly Templates 19, 100 and 101)
  • Fixed several Facebook issues
  • Extended Form Manager editors to include the Froala Editor which can be added to any field in a form by setting the class of the field to "froala" or "froala-editor"
  • Fixed CSS saving issues
  • Fixed multiple Form Manager Errors (Duplicate issues, Drag/Drop Issues, Visual Issues, etc..)
  • Made Form Manager easier to use and provided extra information on the Forms themselves.
  • Fixed multiple SEO issues
  • Made SEO options easier to use with Social sites
  • Optimized servers for all sites
  • Many other small bugs fixed...