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Changelog - September 2015

This update is the culmination of about 12 months worth of heavy work from the Brilliant Directories team. It is not finished yet with many surprises on the way as you will see with subsequent updates that will be arriving in the post once again. Still, here is a short list of all the changes made over this time that partners are able to see right now:

New Features

  • New Bootstrap based design (BETA)
  • New Optimizations to site now offer up to 500% speed increase (Less than 1 second loading time in most cases)
  • New ways to customize and design your site (Flexible & Adaptable Design)
  • New Staging Mode (Now staging mode makes sure that site is not tracked by search engines)
  • All Streaming Widgets now offer flexible options to adapt better to your site. From sorting the streaming items, to selecting from which Membership Feature to pull information, to setting the streaming widget to only show Active Members. Streaming Widgets will now only show if they have at least one item on their list instead of showing up empty.
  • New maps (USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand & Canada) that offer flexibility, adaptability and can pull/push information on your system.
  • New way of managing the Member's Wizard for filling out Contact information, photo upload and more.
  • New Location Based system that will use the full power of Google and enhance your SEO ranking in many ways.
  • New Form Manager System that will offer better flexibility to handle new data types
  • New Menu Manager System that will offer better flexibility to handle new data types
  • New Design Settings that offer an incredible amount of flexibility to custom design your site

Enhancements / Fixes

  • Updates to Currency List (Better support for Site Pricing)
  • More than 200+ Fixes to many widgets and core items that will improve the speed of your site, enhance compatibility with 3rd party widgets and more.
  • Member Plans have a more intuitive process
  • Member Recommendations received optimizations and fixes.
  • Updates to Billing System to support available currencies
  • Enhancements for Contact Forms
  • Multiple enhancements and bugs fixed for the Form Manager system
  • Multiple bugs fix for Bulk Member actions
  • Updated and enhanced geocoding, geolocating and map usage
  • Updated and fixed several minor issues with the backend
  • Updated Timezone issues (Thanks to many partners, Special thanks to Christopher Roche for his testing and feedback on the matter)
  • Updated look and functionality on how Widgets are Shown when clicking the "Show Widgets" option in the Frontend Admin Sidebar
  • Importing of special characters now being respected
  • Special characters are now displaying properly in the admin
  • Special characters are now displaying properly in the front-end
  • All databases are encoded to accept special characters correctly
  • More than 100 Widgets have been enhanced to include better security, better UX for members, cleaner code and more