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Changelog - November 2015

This update brings in new coding infrastructure, optimizations and changes under the hood (and on your Backend Panel)

New Features

  • New Backend Form Manager Style
  • New Backend Email Template Style
  • New Request Favorite Feature
  • New Updated Streaming Widgets Bootstrap sites including new management options inside each widget. Classic streaming Widgets will be next.

Enhancements / Fixes

  • Added option to make Pretty URLS (Shorted URLs) in the Advanced Settings (simplified_feature_url_structure)
  • Page Content Editing received an improved form. Now it adjusts to the screen height to offer more space for editing.
  • Search Bar now offers an option to hide it and even replace it with a Banner Ad.
  • Even more optimizations to all sites. Speed increase and faster response.
  • Various changes on how to control the homepage image to show more of it by changing padding, position and more.
  • Multiple fixes to streaming widgets in classic and bootstrap sites
  • Added 3 Bootstrap Theme Rotating Banners
  • - Bootstrap Theme - Banner - 970_90 Rotating
  • - Bootstrap Theme - Banner - 300_250 Rotating
  • - Bootstrap Theme - Banner - 250_250 Rotating
  • Streaming Widgets can now be controlled via the Design Settings.
  • Streaming Widgets now include several options provided by community feedback. Some options are showing posts without images, showing or hiding the streaming widget if not posts shown, show members that are inactive, show correct album image and more.
  • A little over 150 bugs found and fixed ranging from Backend, Admin Panel, Frontend and more.