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Changelog - November 2016

New Features:

  • New Widget on Admin Dashboard, now Site's Admin can see the most recent members members that log in to the site. 
  • Images Update for Admin Member Blog Posts, for further information click here.
  • Nested text labels are now available to all customers. For more information click here
  • Multiple text labels have been created: away and within label for search results pages, create_listing_below on Account Member Dashboard, result_label_activation_email on Account Member Dashboard, "Request More Review Section" was converted to text labels.
Enhancements / Fixes: 
  • Bug fixes through the New Leads Module, Search Results Pages.  
  • Final Adjustment to the New Reviews Module, click here for more information. 
  • In summary more than 25+ bugs fixed ranging from Backend, Admin Panel, Frontend and more.


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