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Changelog - December 2017

New Features:

  • The Promo Code Add-On is now available.

  • We created a new Advanced Setting called not_receive_email_after_cancellation.  When set to 0 (default), the Default Website Email Address will receive an email notification when a member requests to cancel their account.  When set to 1, no notification email will be sent when a member requests to cancel their account

  • Now the Recent Members, Featured Members, and Recent Reviews homepage widgets will display members (and reviews of members) based on the Member Search Visibility Options set on the Product Settings Page.  In other words, if a member is logged into an account that should not be able to view certain other members in search results, they will not be visible in these homepage widgets either.

  • We added a new function that will make it easier to retrieve and display the Sub and Sub-sub categories of a member on the Search Results and Profile pages of a site. For more information see the documentation for this new function here.

  • The Member Profile Analytics Add-On is now fully based on the new Add-On Manager. This Add-On will record the clicks of the social media links, phone number, contact form submissions and profile page visitors. For more information click here.

  • The Admin Activity Tracking Add-On is now available.

  • The Review Thank You message is now based on Text Labels.

  • We released version 2 of the Add-On Manager System.

Enhancements / Fixes:

  • We updated the lead form in order to be based on the new Add-On Manager.

  • We made a few security enhancements to the Widget Library page in the Admin.

  • We made a few security enhancements to the Widget Library page in the Admin.

  • We improved the Website Timezone Field in the General Settings page of the Admin to make sure the timezone selected is accurate in all cases.

  • Now Admins can see the default version of a widget on the Widget Library Page, even when there is already a customized version of that widget on the site.  This will be useful for cases when a customization in a widget needs to be reconciled with the current code in the default version of the same widget.

  • We refactored several core files the make the loading of all frontend pages of websites faster.

  • We implemented several general fixes and improvements to the Member Images Import module.

  • Now the following Payment Gateways 2Checkout and PayPal Standard can be activated by all Admins.

  • We refactored one of the core files that loads every time a frontend page of a website is requested in order to make it process faster.  We also removed several lines of code that were present to support pages that have since been deprecated.

  • Bug fixes to the Leads Module, Reviews Module, Google Location System, Add-on Manager System, Billing Module, Member Images Import and Member System.

  • In all, over 25 feature enhancements and software updates this month