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The Media Manager helps keep all of the images and files being used by the Admin neatly stored in one place.

Within the Media Manager:

IMPORTANT: When using Safari the cookies must be enabled on the browser, please see: Enable Cookies in Safari

How To Upload Images & Files -

1. Go to My Content and click on Media Manager:

2. Click on "Upload Image or PDF":

3. Click anywhere within the red box:

* Drag & Drop files or click in the area above (modern browsers) and select the file(s). When the upload is complete, click the 'Return to files list' button.

4. Select the image/file to upload and click "Open":

5. Once the green check mark appears, click on "Back To All Media":

The file extensions accepted by the media manager are: 
  • .doc 
  • .docx 
  • .gif 
  • .jpeg 
  • .jpg 
  • .png 
  • .pdf 
  • .svg 
  • .webp
  • .epub
  • .xml
  • .ppt
  • .pptx
  • .ttf
  • .xls
  • .xlsm
  • .xlsx
  • .ico
  • .eot
  • .woff
  • .woff2
  • .jfif
  • .otf
  • .vcf

Image & File Options -

Hovering over an image will reveal a few image options:

  • Download -

  • Preview -

** Other file extensions like PDF, will show the same options except the preview.

Right clicking on an image will also reveal additional information:

"FILE INFO" includes:

  • Name -

  • Dimensions -

  • File Size -

  • Date Uploaded -

  • "Copy URL" will open the URL of the image/file:

** Other extensions, will not display the dimension information.

Important Note: when uploading an image that has spaces on the name of the file, by default the system will add a dash to the name of the file, this will be done to avoid broken image paths.