What Page Types Can I Use?

Link: https://support.brilliantdirectories.com/support/solutions/articles/12000000921-what-page-types-can-i-use-

When editing a static page (or creating a new static page), the Page Info tab will show a dropdown of options for the "Page Type".

These are used to tell the system how the page should be handled (including how some functions and variables will be used).

In this image, we can see that the Page Type is Single Web Page:


These are the five page types that can be used:


  • Single Web PageThis will tell the system that this page will be a static page. content-type pages can use images, call widgets, and more. This is the type that is most likely use.
  • Post Search Results: This page type is designated for post search results (coupons, events, properties, etc)
  • Member Search Results: This is typically assigned to the search results page, mostly related to members (e.g.: /california or /doctors/california, etc). This can also support Membership Plan Search Results URL options (only for advanced users who wish to create a new search results page).
  • Custom Widget as a Web Page: When choosing this type of page,  it will only load the content of the selected widget and no other code provided by Brilliant Directories. All design settings and BD framework will be hidden included in the Page Options tab; instead, a dropdown with the custom widgets will become available:

Password Retrieval PageEvery Brilliant Directories website will come with a default URL called /login/retrieval where members can receive an email to update their password if forgotten. This option allows to customize the elements in this page.

To learn more about the Custom Widget as a Web Page option click HERE