Some Post Types such as classifieds, coupons, and events come with a set of pre-set categories. In order to edit these categories please follow these steps:

Step 1 - Locate The Proper Post Type

1. Go to My Content > Edit Post Settings 

2. Locate the desired post type to edit: 

Step 2 - Edit The Categories

1. Look for the Post Categories field

2. Proceed to edit the categories while following these rules:

  • No spaces
  • No special characters
  • It's possible to have the first category appear blank on the members drop-down box, add a "," in front of the first category to achieve this.

If this is not an option on the site, please check the Software Updates module, which is located on the Dashboard:

For additional questions or help setting this up, please submit a ticket to [email protected] or create a ticket HERE.